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Opinion : Floods…a huge warning - By Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee


Arun Sadhu


A Journalist by profession and a renowned author, Arun Sadhu, works with the same passion in both the fields. The precision and convincing power of his reports; alluring yet captivating power of his stories and novels; both are equally enthralling. His news are unbiased while the characters of his novels are real life and absorbing.
Starting a career as a school teacher in a small village of Maharashtra, Arun Sadhu has worked with many news paper from the Times of India, The Statesman and finally as the Editor of the Free Press Journal in Mumbai. At the same time he wrote many novels in Marathi language, Short stories, plays and Biographies, varying on range of subjects from Politics to science fictions and human relationships to history.

Vidyadhar Date


Vidyadhar Date, veterna journalist, served in The Times of India for over 30 years. Well known drama critic and political writer. Based in Mumbai.

Pratap Thorat


Author Pratap Thorat, based in Mumbai, has been a long time print and internet journalist and commentator on Maharashtra's political and economic affairs.

Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee


Author Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee, based in Delhi, has been a internet journalist and commentator of Prakriti Inbound Pvt. Ltd.