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August 06, 2007

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Story from rags to riches:
Its not the first time that we have heard it. It was Telgi and even before was Harshad Mehta and now it is Ashok Malhotra. With 17 Luxury cars and VIP number plates, Kilos of Gold and 5000 small lands…. Ashok Malhotra surely knew how to get out the best from his nexus of politicians. Ashok Malhotra a small time vendor selling Chole bhature on the streets rose to fame after acquiring the canteen contract at the assembly of Delhi. The nexus between some politicians and the man has come into limelight and inturn has insecured the position of the chief minister of Delhi, Ms. Sheila Dixit.

Sanjay Dutt jailed:
Probably the most awaited hearing in the Mumbai blasts case after main accused of D gang was that of actor Sanjay Dutt. Possession of illegal arms and later destroying them 14 years back pushed him to rigorous imprisonment for six years. Mr. Dutt has be acquitted by TADA and has already served the jail term of 14 months before. Although there is a mixed reaction from all over India, the point has been proved: if you make mistake, you shall not be spared.

Woman Power?
India is having the first woman president in its 60th year of Independence and may be even the vice president would be a woman. But still the woman power in India is being questioned. The coveted post of Commissioner of Police of Delhi has eluded the fiery and strict police officer… a woman, Ms. Kiran Bedi. She lost the post to… the name does not matter….. a man! According to Ms. Bedi, had she socialized with top knots if this trade after the office hours, she too could have acquired the chair. But a woman, apparently does not socialize after office hours but go home, cook and look after the kids.
On the other hand there is a huge number of destroyed female fetuses found in Orissa. While the ratio of girl child is decreasing by the day in many states of India, the question of woman power has once again come in the fore front.

Torrential rains:
The flood situation in eastern part of India has worsened as the major rivers have surpassed the danger mark. People are on roads and the death toll in Bihar alone has rose to 17. Meanwhile a day of heavy rains that hit the capital city of Delhi brought the city to a stand still while there were major traffic jams at the important intersections in the city. In the west Mumbai, the economic capital of the coutry once again witnessed a heavy rainfall bringing back the memories of major water logging of 26 July, 2005.

India wins:
After a near about defeat which evaded the Indian cricketers in the first test at the Lords, the second test has been a pleasant surprise. Answering the critiques with their respective bats and balls more than words, the players clinched a huge victory in the second test. Presently basking in the glory of this out of the country victory, the players are now eyeing upon the series victory.

Opinion: Floods…a huge warning.

By - Suvarna Sadhu Banerjee

Mother Nature has been trying its level best to warn us about the danger ahead of us. But we hardly pay any heed to it. The greenery is fast declining, the glaciers are melting, animals - birds - insects getting extinct… is the only warning to tell us that soon even the human race will be extinct. And what is the main reason behind it or who is responsible for this? The dying star… our sun? Or may be the pattern of revolution of our solar system?

The answer is us, the humans. It's high time we start thinking and not only think but start acting upon it as well. Mother Nature will not give us any more time. We have always experienced her care and nurture and soon shall be in the flames of her fury.

If we want we can do it. And the sooner the better.

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